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Other Suggestions
A technical trading analysis book and a cup of coffee.
If you are unfamiliar with the forex market, you might consider purchasing a book that discusses forex trading from one of the many online bookstores.  Or download a book from the Internet.  You might also think about subscribing to a magazine that deals with foreign exchange trading issues such as Futures magazine (
The Library, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.
The new Royal Library in Copenhagen, Denmark, named Den Sorte Diamant or the Black Diamond.

Investors in these great cities/countries and in many more can trade the foreign exchange market with a demo trading account:

A view outside the new terminal of Madrid Barajas International Airport in Spain.
Beijing Olympic Bird's Nest Stadium, China.
Vasco da Gama bridge in Lisbon, Portugal.
View of Helsinki, Finland, from the sea.
Rome Stock Exchange, Rome, Italy.  The magnificent remains of the Temple of Hadrian,  AD 145, stand among the 17th Century Piazza di Pietra, or square, now used as Stock Exchange in Rome, Italy.
View of the Toompea hill, Tallinn, Estonia.
The Italian Stock Market, Borsa Italiana, in Milan, Italy.
The view of the port terminal with the yellow tower and Nassau downtown, the capital of The Bahamas.
Statue at Angel de la Independencia with modern buildings in background, Mexico City, Mexico.
Austrian Parliament Building in Vienna, Austria, with the Statue of Athena in front.
Shanghai, China.
Close up of three Mexican two hundred Peso Bills.  The Peso is the currency of Mexico.
Rio de Janeiro Cityscape (including Sugarloaf Mountain), Brazil.
Downtown Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Towering at 451m, Petronas Twin Tower, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.
"India" with collage of colorful indian Rupees.
Taipei 101 building, Taipei, Taiwan.  A distinguished building in Asia and the World.
Rupee bank notes, the currency of India.
Puerto Madero district in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Camps Bay during the dusk twilight, Cape Town, South Africa.
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